how to earn money from blogger in (2021)

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If you want to make money writing articles for free then Blogger is the best resource for you. Here you can create your own blog for free and earn money from blogger with google AdSense by writing articles on it.

Earn Money From Blogger

Blogger is a Google platform that allows you to create your own blog for free. You can create as many free blogs as you want on Blogger. You can also add your domain name to your blog which you can turn into a website and at the same time, you can add a beautiful theme to your blog which will make your blog look more beautiful if you want more. You can also buy premium beauty themes that you can easily find on Google.

After you create an account on Blogger, you will have to create at least four pages. If you do not create four pages, Google will not monetize your blog. Adsense will not run on your blog and you will not be able to earn money.
To be successful on Blogger quickly you need to write original articles as well as a daily article with SEO which will get maximum views on your blog when your article exceeds 3 and your blog is two months old. Once you get good traffic to your blog, monetize your blog with Google Adsense, which will earn you money from ads. The more views you have on your blog, the more money you can make.

And if you haven’t created your own AdSense account, create one

Here Are Some Wayes

Step 2: Earn money from blogger Learn the market

Begin by getting the most popular articles written your particular topic. It’s good to write about things you’re passionate about, and not only written in the first few weeks of launching your blog.

Explain your title so that anyone reading your blog knows what you’re talking about. For example, a title on the blog you’re thinking of titled “How to Win An International Contest” would be successful if it says what you want the reader to know.

Step 3: Earn money from bloggers Research the market.

Run across multiple blog posts about this market and learn how they start and end each article. You’ll also learn who the market is dominated by, and get a sense of whether it’s competitive, stable, or expanding, among other things.

Step 4: Earn money as a blogger Publish your articles.

Push publishing it publicly on a competitive publication platform. When your article is 100 percent targeted to the market, you’ll have zero competition.

Step 5: earn money on blogger Compete with other blogs.

Don’t follow a certain industry trend, but instead research other web publications doing the same thing, for example, “How to win an international contest.”

Step 6: earn money with a blogger Make a lot of money.

Whenever you are doing well, become a favorite by hosting an online party with other bloggers that feature big names. This will help you get noticed and promote your content.

Step 7: Learn how to win.

Practice setting aside time to complete your article on time and submit it on time. This will give you big promotion by a popular publication in your niche. This will increase your chances of being published and making a lot of money.

Step 8: Set high standards.

You don’t want to be on the market one day and a day and none of the articles you’ve written are published. Try to get published at least every two days. They’ll leave your articles in your jurisdiction for publication, even if you don’t have authority. This will have big ramifications on your site revenue.

Step 9: Don’t allow competition.

In order to maintain the feeling of competition among your bloggers, don’t help newcomers into your field and promote the methods of winning.

Step 10: Start your website.

Many of the things you write are what your target audience will be found useful. It’s ideal to use a website that currently has a following to brand yourself. Follow the M.O. of your niche publication to grow your traffic.

Step 11: Don’t rush.

Using special formatting for your articles isn’t always appreciated by the readers. You should be writing professionally designed articles.
In conclusion

Don’t become desperate or desperate. Make your blog featured on multiple websites and use plenty of SEO techniques to get on to major publishing platforms. Get your stories up-to-date with SEO techniques and audience-driven topics. Stay updated with the SEO secrets of your niche publication.

these are all methods from which you can earn money from bloggers.